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European Yacht Charters is based in Barcelona, Spain. Our background is in yacht sales and brokerage. We have almost thirty years’ experience in the marine industry working in both the UK and Europe.

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SV Dellos

I do not know if Brian ever chartered a yacht? People start sometimes start sailing as crew on a friend’s yacht or join a club to get experience. The next stage is probably charter and then who knows where adventures will take you.

I have followed the SV Delos story over the years and became inspired by the SV Delos story. I have no hesitation in recommending a binge catch up from the beginning of the Delos journey.

First yacht charter?

For hundreds of people each year, a Yacht Charter in a beautiful location such as the Mediterranean, or the Caribbean is the most exciting way to get into sailing. Perhaps now is the right time for you to begin this fun and fascinating hobby? You might want to get started as a solo sailor or with family and friends. First of all, planning your charter holiday in the Mediterranean should be part of the fun and the beginning of your adventure.

Our advice is not to feel pressured into booking a holiday quickly just because it’s cheap. Everyone wants a great deal but make sure you research local weather conditions and sailing area when choosing your charter location.  There are hundreds of charter companies in the Mediterranean, Caribbean and worldwide to choose from and thousands of yachts available from reputable companies. Our advice below is intended to help a novice, planning to take an enthusiastic family on a one-week sailing holiday, for the first time.

Where to charter?

When you begin your search, there will almost certainly be thousands of Yachts available through Mediterranean, Caribbean or Worldwide.  We have designed our website to make it easy for you to investigate different places quickly and get information. Below are a few tips to consider while researching your holiday:

Time of year

Don’t go anywhere that you are going to get too much wind. Attention to weather conditions is especially important if you are taking a less enthusiastic and/or nervous family along on a charter. The primary objective of any family sailing adventure is to make sure that everyone has a great time and wants to go sailing again.

Hire a skipper

” I read my first book about sailing many years ago. The book was Heavy Weather Sailing by Tom Cunliffe. We purchased our first yacht based on advice from that book. More than 35 years later, I see Tom Cunluff is still offering advice about boats and yachts. He was a great inspiration to me when I first started in the industry “(Rob Woodward)

Most charter companies will not allow you to take a yacht out without Skipper’s License. Besides, unless you have had some years of sailing experience, it’s not advisable to charter a yacht in unfamiliar waters on your own. There is no shame in having a paid crew member to help – allowing you to relax and enjoy your holiday.

Unless you decide to leave everything to a Skipper, it might be an idea to let the charter company know where you intend to sail during your holiday. A professional skipper will keep an eye everything on the yacht – including morale and comfort of all on board. He/she might suggest that your crew need a little shore time to keep spirits up. Lots of decisions will be made during your charter. Don’t be afraid to express your wishes to your skipper. They will have lots of local knowledge to share with you and ideas of where to sail. Just remember, if you end your holiday with a happy family who wants to sail more, then you have succeeded.

 Sailing Uma

Arguably the best adventure vlog on the internet today. The skills recorded to turn an old boat into a home are staggering. They make it look so easy, so again the balance of information and presentation from the Uma team will be featured throughout our site.

Size of a yacht

Once upon a time, many yachts were narrow and uncomfortable down below. The possibility of a hot shower usually only came at the end of a trip, when you finally got home! Modern yachts have all mod cons and comfort. Often marinas offer very convenient port facilities. If you want your family to really enjoy their holiday, charter the biggest boat you can afford. Look for bedrooms which are comfortable and spacious for all on board. As a general rule, try to make sure that everyone can have some private space. Converting a bed in a saloon is never a great idea for a whole week and may detract from everyone’s holiday experience. Look for enough cabins to provide berths for all – remembering a Skipper will require a cabin alone.

Provisioning a Yacht

If your budget stretches to it, let the charter company provision your yacht. Many will ask you for a likes list and provide a decent amount of food, onboard ready for you. Remember you are probably travelling to a strange country and you only have a few days holiday. So, do you want to spend your time shopping for food on the first day? If so, check where the shops are and think about carrying all the provisions back to your boat without a car!

Yacht Charters planning

Talk to at European Yacht Charters about your holiday plans as we can offer helpful tips and advice drawn from many years experience in the marine industry. For example, we suggest bringing your kit in soft bags as they tend to be more yacht friendly. Soft bags are easier to stow, giving you more room on board. Suitcases can cause damage and wheel marks to your charter yacht and so don’t make you popular with charter companies.


Your chosen cruising area should depend almost entirely on your level of experience. For example, one might think that Greece is a safe bet, which it often can be. However, even Greece – like all hot countries – has extreme wind conditions to deal with at various times of the year. Before you book, take a look at past local weather patterns for the time of year for your charter area. Also, ask the charter company directly for advice regarding the weather during the month you plan to book your holiday.