Charles Vane Uncertain Pirate Origins

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Charles Vane his origins are uncertain.

Pirate with a gun sparksAnother of the others, who toured the waters of the Caribbean, was Charles Vane. His origins are uncertain, but it is known that he served aboard one of the ships of the Scottish privateer Lord Archibald Hamilton. Later he made his own brig (a boat with a square or round sail and two masts, the main and the ratchet. At that time, he had up to 15 oars per side) called the Ranger. He became leader of the Republic of Pirates in Nassau, where he carried his reputation as a torturer, bloodthirsty and arbitrary forged from the sea. Even with his own men, he did not abide by the code of piracy. His navigation skills and military strategy enabled his formidable reign of terror.

Change your ways or face the consequences.

Pirate ships with the moon in a bayWhen King George I issued the Edict of Forgiveness, a pardon for all pirates who decided to return to an honest life, it is said that Charles repudiated the idea. The king then sent the frigate HMS Fénix to Nassau with the captain in an attempt to convince him to change his ways. The effort was in vain, so Charles set up a brulote (old boat loaded with explosives) as the answer. In a couple of weeks, he prepared himself with Calico Jack and Eduard England for the next  Pirate hit.

sunset with the moon and Pirate shipsCalico Jack operated in the Bahamas during the War of the Spanish Succession. Later, in a ragged attack on a frigate that turned out to be a French Navy ship, Vane abandoned his men, leading to his deposition. With a small group of pirates, he seized five boats and went to the Bay of Honduras via the Windward Islands but a hurricane left him shipwrecked for several days until he was found by a British ship. Vane was discovered and taken to Jamaica in the Caribbean, where he was tried and hanged. Shortly after his death, the golden age of piracy came to an end. Today, Charles Vane is now a character in video games and movies. His legend continues.

Calico Jack

Scull and crossbones flag with redCharles Vane was followed by Jack Rackham, also known as “Calico” Jack, for the patterned cotton cloth (calico) he wore. He countered her little naval knowledge and physical fighting skills, cunningly employing backstabbing diplomacy. Calico Jack is associated as the first pirate to hoist and terrorize the Jolly Roger, the black skull flag with two cross-shaped tibiae, the insignia of piracy. However, it is claimed that each pirate had their own variation of the same flag.


Greek Polycrates Pirate

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The Greek Polycrates A Cruel, Ambitious Intelligent Pirate

Scull and pistol from a pirate on a bookWe will start talking about the oldest, let’s say almost the father of piracy, and one of the most famous; The Greek Polycrates. Cruel, ambitious and intelligent. Ruler of Samos, one of the islands in the East Aegean Sea. There he erected a beautiful palace and had a great fleet of one hundred warships built, with which he raided other ships carrying gold and precious stones. He was counting on such good luck that he always came out of all the battles and looting that he organised up to one day.

Polycrates Complex

scruffy pirates behind a shipIt is said that Polycrates, at the suggestion of his friend King Amasis of Egypt, and fearing that his good fortune would change, offered the Aegean Sea an emerald ring designed by Theodore of Samos himself, architect and artist of the well-known Hera sculpture koré type. Days later a cook found the jewel inside a fish, returning the ring to its owner. Nowadays, it is known as the “Polycrates Complex”, the psychic condition that makes some people feel unhappy or fearful the moment they achieve success.

This Pirate might have been the first in history, but the list of scoundrels is long and extensive. It includes everything from the most terrifying and savage to the most diplomatic and strategic. That yes, were all bloodthirsty alike.

Caribbean Treasure Hunt Pirates

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pirate with a knife bad manWe have all heard of hackers. They are people who are dedicated to looting the web and who, violating the copyright of a work, be it filmographic, record or literary, are in charge of modifying and later distributing. This responds only to personal interests and is completely illegal.

As I got used to the idea, I couldn’t help but imagine these hackers in old-fashioned disguises, like Long John Silver. A cunning, greedy, disloyal, deceitful and cruel pirate. pirate on the rigging in CaribbeanWith his eye patch, the peg leg, the parakeet on his shoulder and the hook, as Robert Louis Stevenson used to identify them in his famous novel Treasure Island. Without avoiding it, I remembered the famous Captain Hook, the most feared pirate in Neverland, where Peter Pan is from. But as time does not pass in vain and the new generations also need modern pirates, Jack Sparrow, the most feared and loved in cinematic waters.

The hunt begins in the Caribbean

Looks like Peter panThus began my curiosity for these untamed looters of the sea, who have as much reality as stories of horror, looting and wars to be told. Another term by which he was known at the time is that of buccaneers or filibusters. Although they used to refer to the same profession, they have their differences. On the other hand, there are the corsairs, with whom they should not be confused either, at least in theory. Finally, I discovered a piece of information, and because I found it interesting, I decided to save it for almost the end. Take a look for yourself and follow the links, we start in the Caribbean.