Caribbean Treasure Hunt Pirates

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pirate with a knife bad manWe have all heard of hackers. They are people who are dedicated to looting the web and who, violating the copyright of a work, be it filmographic, record or literary, are in charge of modifying and later distributing. This responds only to personal interests and is completely illegal.

As I got used to the idea, I couldn’t help but imagine these hackers in old-fashioned disguises, like Long John Silver. A cunning, greedy, disloyal, deceitful and cruel pirate. pirate on the rigging in CaribbeanWith his eye patch, the peg leg, the parakeet on his shoulder and the hook, as Robert Louis Stevenson used to identify them in his famous novel Treasure Island. Without avoiding it, I remembered the famous Captain Hook, the most feared pirate in Neverland, where Peter Pan is from. But as time does not pass in vain and the new generations also need modern pirates, Jack Sparrow, the most feared and loved in cinematic waters.

The hunt begins in the Caribbean

Looks like Peter panThus began my curiosity for these untamed looters of the sea, who have as much reality as stories of horror, looting and wars to be told. Another term by which he was known at the time is that of buccaneers or filibusters. Although they used to refer to the same profession, they have their differences. On the other hand, there are the corsairs, with whom they should not be confused either, at least in theory. Finally, I discovered a piece of information, and because I found it interesting, I decided to save it for almost the end. Take a look for yourself and follow the links, we start in the Caribbean.