Charles Vane Uncertain Pirate Origins

Storm brewing pirate charter

Charles Vane his origins are uncertain.

Pirate with a gun sparksAnother of the others, who toured the waters of the Caribbean, was Charles Vane. His origins are uncertain, but it is known that he served aboard one of the ships of the Scottish privateer Lord Archibald Hamilton. Later he made his own brig (a boat with a square or round sail and two masts, the main and the ratchet. At that time, he had up to 15 oars per side) called the Ranger. He became leader of the Republic of Pirates in Nassau, where he carried his reputation as a torturer, bloodthirsty and arbitrary forged from the sea. Even with his own men, he did not abide by the code of piracy. His navigation skills and military strategy enabled his formidable reign of terror.

Change your ways or face the consequences.

Pirate ships with the moon in a bayWhen King George I issued the Edict of Forgiveness, a pardon for all pirates who decided to return to an honest life, it is said that Charles repudiated the idea. The king then sent the frigate HMS Fénix to Nassau with the captain in an attempt to convince him to change his ways. The effort was in vain, so Charles set up a brulote (old boat loaded with explosives) as the answer. In a couple of weeks, he prepared himself with Calico Jack and Eduard England for the next  Pirate hit.

sunset with the moon and Pirate shipsCalico Jack operated in the Bahamas during the War of the Spanish Succession. Later, in a ragged attack on a frigate that turned out to be a French Navy ship, Vane abandoned his men, leading to his deposition. With a small group of pirates, he seized five boats and went to the Bay of Honduras via the Windward Islands but a hurricane left him shipwrecked for several days until he was found by a British ship. Vane was discovered and taken to Jamaica in the Caribbean, where he was tried and hanged. Shortly after his death, the golden age of piracy came to an end. Today, Charles Vane is now a character in video games and movies. His legend continues.

Calico Jack

Scull and crossbones flag with redCharles Vane was followed by Jack Rackham, also known as “Calico” Jack, for the patterned cotton cloth (calico) he wore. He countered her little naval knowledge and physical fighting skills, cunningly employing backstabbing diplomacy. Calico Jack is associated as the first pirate to hoist and terrorize the Jolly Roger, the black skull flag with two cross-shaped tibiae, the insignia of piracy. However, it is claimed that each pirate had their own variation of the same flag.


Greek Polycrates Pirate

Pirate ships Yacht Charter in bay


The Greek Polycrates A Cruel, Ambitious Intelligent Pirate

Scull and pistol from a pirate on a bookWe will start talking about the oldest, let’s say almost the father of piracy, and one of the most famous; The Greek Polycrates. Cruel, ambitious and intelligent. Ruler of Samos, one of the islands in the East Aegean Sea. There he erected a beautiful palace and had a great fleet of one hundred warships built, with which he raided other ships carrying gold and precious stones. He was counting on such good luck that he always came out of all the battles and looting that he organised up to one day.

Polycrates Complex

scruffy pirates behind a shipIt is said that Polycrates, at the suggestion of his friend King Amasis of Egypt, and fearing that his good fortune would change, offered the Aegean Sea an emerald ring designed by Theodore of Samos himself, architect and artist of the well-known Hera sculpture koré type. Days later a cook found the jewel inside a fish, returning the ring to its owner. Nowadays, it is known as the “Polycrates Complex”, the psychic condition that makes some people feel unhappy or fearful the moment they achieve success.

This Pirate might have been the first in history, but the list of scoundrels is long and extensive. It includes everything from the most terrifying and savage to the most diplomatic and strategic. That yes, were all bloodthirsty alike.

Caribbean Treasure Hunt Pirates

Pirate ship at sunset

Follow the link to discover hidden treasure

pirate with a knife bad manWe have all heard of hackers. They are people who are dedicated to looting the web and who, violating the copyright of a work, be it filmographic, record or literary, are in charge of modifying and later distributing. This responds only to personal interests and is completely illegal.

As I got used to the idea, I couldn’t help but imagine these hackers in old-fashioned disguises, like Long John Silver. A cunning, greedy, disloyal, deceitful and cruel pirate. pirate on the rigging in CaribbeanWith his eye patch, the peg leg, the parakeet on his shoulder and the hook, as Robert Louis Stevenson used to identify them in his famous novel Treasure Island. Without avoiding it, I remembered the famous Captain Hook, the most feared pirate in Neverland, where Peter Pan is from. But as time does not pass in vain and the new generations also need modern pirates, Jack Sparrow, the most feared and loved in cinematic waters.

The hunt begins in the Caribbean

Looks like Peter panThus began my curiosity for these untamed looters of the sea, who have as much reality as stories of horror, looting and wars to be told. Another term by which he was known at the time is that of buccaneers or filibusters. Although they used to refer to the same profession, they have their differences. On the other hand, there are the corsairs, with whom they should not be confused either, at least in theory. Finally, I discovered a piece of information, and because I found it interesting, I decided to save it for almost the end. Take a look for yourself and follow the links, we start in the Caribbean. 

Top 6 things to do in Costa Daurada 

beautiful beach in Costa Daurada

Top 6 thing to do in Costa Dorada (Daurda) 

1 Tarragona 

This city offers an unlimited range of fun activities and is the perfect place for families. The list of things to do and explore is limitless. 

In Tarragona, you’ll feel like an ancient Roman. The town hasn’t changed much since it  was founded in 218 b.CEuropean streets with no people


In Tarragona, there is a wide variety of things to see and do for all the family: it has some of the most beautiful beaches on the Costa Dorada, the best parties, outdoor sports, theme parks, and hiking routes, and also there’s a beautiful port where you can moor your boat. 

If you decide to rent one, make sure you rent it from the best yacht charters (

2 PortAventura 

PortAventura is one of the biggest amusements parks in the World, with more than 40 different rides; PortAventura has six unique areas: Mediterrània, Far West, México, China, Polynesia, and SésamoAventura. Geographically, though, it’s based in the thriving resort of Salou, Tarragona.

people riding roller coaster during day

3 Cala Font 

If you’re looking for the perfect beach day, I couldn’t stress this enough “Cala Font is the most appropriate beach for you and your family.”

This pretty semi-cove beach in Salou has everything you need for a beach day with sun loungers on offer, a restaurant for nibbles, and shallow waters ideal for swimming.

green trees near body of water during daytime

4 Altafulla

If you ever come to la Costa Dorada, you must stop in Altafulla, rated the most beautiful town in all Costa Dorada.

Altafulla is perfect for a family trip and is such an incredible place that famous soccer players like Leo Messi and Iniesta have decided to own a property in this beautiful Catalonian town.

brown and white concrete building under white clouds during daytime

5 Barcelona 

 Barcelona is one of the most attractive cities for tourists all around the globe, Barcelona attracts more than half of the tourists that decide to visit cataluña, and I don’t blame them, the variety of activities and landmarks you can visit is almost infinite, This city is alive all day and night.

aerial photography of vehicles passing between high rise buildings

Some of the most remarkable landmarks that we think are worth visiting:

     -La Sagrada Família

     -Barri Gótic (Gothic Quarter)

     -Las Ramblas 

     -Park Güell

     -The Market of Barcelona 


     -The Magic Fountain of Montjuïc

     -The Museums of Barcelona 

6 Rent a boat for a week 

If you decide to rent a yacht, you could travel around all of Costa Dorada and visit all the top beaches if you ask us this is a fantastic option whether you want to spend time with your family or your friends. 

Here we leave you a trustworthy website where you can rent all types of yachts for a week (

Mor pages to visit ideas. Why not go to Roses or take a look at any of the amazing resorts of Spain

Bavaria Yacht Charter Barcelona

Bavaria yacht charter on mooring Port Ginesta

Rent this fantastic Bavaria 40 for a day a week or month only with European Yacht Charters, based in Port Ginesta Castelldefels Barcelona, Spain.

Bavaria 40 Yacht Port Ginesta

Sail into Barcelona City Centre

Bavaria yacht charter on mooring Port GinestaThe Yacht is in lovely condition, just the right size to cruise along our fantastic coastline. Perhaps you will sail into the centre of Barcelona City and sample the delights of this cosmopolitan place from your own yacht. Millions visit Barcelona each year to marvel at the sights. See them from a completely new perspective by visiting by yacht.


Sail south and visit one of the smaller towns on the costs. Sitges is our recommendation if you are looking for a lively spot with lots going on to see. Sitges is known as the gay capital of Europe. The community often puts on some amazingly colourful shows that will entertain all the family. Sitges can be reached by train bus or yacht, and all are welcome.


Less well known than most places in Spain, this is a busy Spanish resort. Lots of history and culture to keep you busy when sightseeing. Tarragona has a large marina capable of receiving any size of yacht.


Sailing further south will take longer than a weekend charter. The sophisticated city of Valencia awaits the more adventurous charter family. En-rout you will find plenty of stopover marina locations.

We certainly recommend that you spend as much time ashore as sailing to get the best out of your sailing holiday experience.



Day Charter Corporate days

Dealers testing Jeanneau Croatia

Day charters

party north wales Corporate days

In the Balearic Islands Charter companies usually like to book Catamaran charters on a weekly basis. The normal format being a Charter that operates from Saturday to Saturday. Although it is not often advertised by Spanish Charter Companies some will take bookings for single days.

Corporate days are events organised by companies specifically for team building that can take the form of social events.  Good communication and friendship build a business by forming a team. Years ago it was only large companies that had a budget that would stretch to what some would describe as a paid holiday. I.T. Companies see the benefit more than most. They saw a day out on a sailing boat as one of the best ways to form business relationships.

Day charter corporate days format

Corperate day out on a YachtFor many people, a day out on a yacht can be a life-changing experience. surprisingly few have ever been sailing a yacht of 15 metres. A professional skipper keeps everyone safe and will encourage all participants to have a go at steering the yacht under sail. Some find taking the helm very easy while others simply have no sense of direction.

After a morning of discovery and adventure on the high sea’s ( a potter around beer on a boat corporate daysa bay), it’s time for lunch.  The skipper will stumble across an anchorage where perhaps a catering will be conveniently assembled on the beach with. Perhaps swim ashore for the young brave executives. A boat takes the more serious members ashore. A very long lunch follows with swimming and toys around the boat. Eventually, it’s time to reflect back at the start point and home of European Yacht Charters

Yeh, that was a tough day at the office!

Over the following months communications in the company improve, profits go up and we all meet up again for the second instalment.

An overnight adventure?



Ten Things To Consider Buying An Ex-charter Yacht

Top ten things to consider before buying an ex-charter yacht.

One owner YachtAs boats under ten years old with one private owner and a full-service history become almost as rare as rocking horse sh…t, you might find yourself considering the purchase of an ex-charter yacht. After all that is said about working boats, an ex charter yacht can offer a better level of equipment for the same price than the one used privately.

This is my list of top ten things to consider before buying an ex-charter yacht.

As you shop around and consider what you might have to pay for a one-owner none charter version of the yacht you want. Try to find out what the same yacht would have cost when it was new, and then deduct the value of navigation electronics.

Engine on a one owner yacht.Depending on the manufacturer, you will not be a million miles out evaluating its current value, providing it is in excellent condition. Put another way, privately owned yachts in good condition are not falling in value. A few one owner Yachts with an impeccable service history have gone up in value over the last ten years. So an ex-charter yacht in good condition might not be as cheap as you think, but generally, an allowance for wear will be made by the seller.


Buying a charter yacht from a popular locationConsider this, before buying an Ex-Charter yacht from a popular charter location, how much that yacht has been used. It sounds an obvious question but put it another way. If you see an ex-charter yacht for sale in a place that is off the beaten track, you might have stumbled on a hidden gem! Many people have a dream of buying a yacht to earn a living in a remote location. The reality is this often results in a failed business adventure. The yacht sits unused but carries the lower value badge of ex-charter, so it might be a bargain just waiting for you.


Before you part with any money, if a reputable broker is selling the yacht for a client, ask for details of past ownership. If a company owns the yacht, you will be able to investigate its history easily. If a private owner is operating as a charter company, my advice is to get a yacht broker involved to check out the paperwork.


Flag registration Yacht CharterAlmost a subject worthy of a separate blog post. I would always recommend a decent broker to inspect yacht paperwork. Often VAT is not paid when a boat is first put into service but, worryingly this lack of payment is sometimes not recorded correctly.

Flag Status

British Part One Registration is good. Being British, I would like to discuss how solid part one registration is as a form of evidence that all the paperwork, including tax status for a yacht, is in order. Unfortunately, a yacht’s VAT or Tax status is not within the scope of British flagged ship registrations. Spanish registration offers more information, as does registration under a French flag but they are not perfect.

Find where to buy a charter yachtNo flag registration guarantees that all taxes are paid unless it says they are in black and white. Certainly, the Dutch registration system is not even recognised in Spain, Italy or Portugal for none residents.


Before you make an offer on a working yacht, do make sure it’s out of charter contract. I had known cases when the sale and purchase negotiations drifted into the charter season without a contract. Suddenly the buyer put the price up saying the yacht is not now available until the charter season finishes.  As a buyer, this is very frustrating. If you agree on a price, get a holding deposit down subject to an approved sale and purchase contract.

Remember, before you pay a deposit connected to a time limiting contract, a seller can change his/her mind any time they want. Not a great situation to find yourself in if you travelled thousands of miles to look for a yacht.

Survey Report

New Charter yacht back of boatTry not to employ a surveyor who exaggerates acceptable wear in his report. Not so easy if you do not know a lot about boats. You could ask to see a selection of reports they produced in the past? If you do this, make sure the comments balance with final recommendations. I have seen reports that reasonably describe yachts only to condemn them in summing up.


So you have a survey report, and sure it will recommend replacing things that buying a charter boatyou might not have budgeted for. From a sellers perspective, you are buying a used boat. Do not expect it in new condition for the price of a used boat. This is where a good surveyor can help to explain reality.

If you plan to set off on an ocean journey that will take you days from land, a Yacht must be in tip-top condition. Things will need to be renewed that perhaps had years of serviceable life in them. Try to understand and balance the risk if a component fails on a boat while you are using it. Sure, if a component stops working, you need to replace it. But replacing a component that offers no risk to or crew just because it is old is a waste of money. An owner is unlikely to negotiate a further price reduction on that basis.


Yacht Delivery sea rough weatherThe day has come to collect your yacht. Very obviously, when you own a yacht, you must pay for the parking space. It is always good to ensure the space that the yacht occupies is available for a short time after purchase. Delivery to its new home by road or sea is a well-trodden route.  If the journey is long, I would always pick the by road transport option over a delivery skipper if at all possible. At least you are in with a good chance of receiving a yacht in the same condition you last saw if you received it by truck.

Back Into Charter

Many boats end a working life as a level one charter boat immediately going back into service at a second level. A re-rig and proper service to boats over ten years old represent good value for money. They make a good rental income for an owner at a lower premium for many years.


The above post is a general opinion only of the top ten things I consider before buying an ex-charter yacht based on a typical yacht being under 15 metres purchased in Europe.

Rob Woodward



Network Barcelona

Dear Reader,

I want to introduce you to our partner website. It is Network Yacht Brokers Barcelona. Based in Spain, close to Barcelona, our office sits amongst 1400 Marina berthed boats. We have many boats for sale in Spain as we are, first Marina day video link Network Yacht Brokers Barcelonaand foremost professional Yacht Brokers.

You might be interested in reading some of our news blogs posted over the four years we have been trading in Spain. Please find the links below useful, along with a brief description of the subject.

Posted February 20, 2021, A Yacht Brokers Job 

The post of a Yacht Brokers Job offers an inside into the life of a Yacht Broker. The post explains our strategy and offers information about we have been so successful in Barcelona.

Posted January 20, 2021 Boats for sale

Boats for Sale lets you know about boats for sale in Port Ginesta, Spain, during the current pandemic crisis. Although the post offers a general description of the situation in January 2021, we can only offer you the perspective from Barcelona in Spain.

Posted January 17, 2021, The best time to visit Barcelona

Putting to one side the Pandemic, you can visit Barcelona anytime and be sure of a warm sunny welcome (during the summer months). Actually, Barcelona is a place of weather extremes. Storms during the winter months are widespread and violent. Local mountains and prevailing winds dominate the weather from Late September until May. So read the blog to find out more.

A love of Sailing

Affordable Luxury Yachting And Sailing

You can organise your own Sailing Yacht Charter Holiday if you have a love of sailing, even if you have no experience. This sort of adventure could be the best five days of your life.

Many images of ordinary people enjoying boating and sailing are posted on the web each day. It’s plain to see boating is no longer a sport reserved for the rich. Modern construction processes have made getting involved with boating and Yacht Charter or ownership much more affordable than perhaps you first thought.

You can get qualified first.

For qualifications, organisations like the RYA is an excellent resource for information. They cover all aspects of sailing and are one of the most respected marine associations in the world.

Dealers testing Jeanneau Croatia a love of sailing

If you want to try a sailing day or weekend? Then plenty of RYA sailing schools run weekend introductory sailing courses. I use the word courses with caution as many people don’t want formal coaching to try a leisure sport.

In my opinion, Introductory courses function best where a professional skipper takes you out for a couple of days, and perhaps you stay overnight on the yacht or boat, during that time have a go at sailing at your own pace. There is simply no point even attempting to do more than that on your first sailing trip.
You don’t even need to do this via a sailing school to love that first introduction to sailing.

The best way to develop a love of sailing

My recommendation in this post will take a little longer than a weekend to become totally hooked on sailing, but it might just set you on the way to meeting new people and learn to sail all at the same time.

Get together a group of people in the same or similar situation as yourself. Perhaps pose the question on social media and run a small ad. Four people tend to work best and exchange ideas about where you might go for your first sailing adventure. My advice is to select a well known holiday destination with easy airport links and something to do other than just sailing  (I will come back to that point later). Decide on a budget, and again my recommendation would be a five day holiday.

Let’s say you go with all my recommendations. So you are going to Charter a Yacht for five days with an experienced skipper. Somewhere warm in the Mediterranean, Croatia is perfect for beginners, although there are plenty of other places you can go to.
Use a Charter Broker to make your booking, and they will do the shopping around for you and provide options and advice rather than trusting one charter company to sell you a holiday.

How I developed my love of sailing

Years ago, I started taking people out for sailing weekends on my UK based yacht. I had intended to develop a business, so the yacht was equipped for charter. I placed a straightforward ad in a national newspaper. Enquiries came flooding in, mostly from single people, although some couples also came along.
The script back then being we would meet up in the marina pub where I kept the yacht. On arrival, everyone put the gear on the boat. We then went to the pub and got to know each other over a few drinks. The next day we went sailing. I ran the business for about one season and met lots of people. Most had never been sailing before. The point of telling you this being, I never knew who would come along.

You might think I had some good times and some bad ones? Actually, everyone was great, and some came back for repeat weekends. I concluded that the adventure attracted like-minded people who go on with things, making the best of whatever happened.
The following season I started working for a couple of sailing schools. Still, training courses’ formality meant some people had a slightly different agenda to just having fun out on the water.

You can easily organise a charter.

Fast forward 25 years to 2021, Yacht Charter with a qualified skipper is now very popular. Your sailing experience can be ZERO so long as you have a love of sailing. You don’t even need to know the people who will join on your charter, that’s no problem anyway, they will be looking for the same sort of holiday as you so that it will be great.

This brings me back to having a five-day charter in a popular tourist place. Perhaps you will draw up a “Lets Go Sailing” itinerary for an advert, even if it is not a hard and fast plan, you can include 50% of the time on land-based expeditions or simply at anchor off a beach enjoying water sports. The sailing can be limited to concise days where everyone understands the basics without any formal training. The skipper’s job will be to keep you all safe and ensure you all have a good time. He will not complain about having an easy week.

My idea is certainly not original, and you will be able to find organisations that specialise in exactly what I describe. I will be pleased to hear if my suggestion is a spark for somebody who falls in love with this fantastic hobby. You might even be one of the lucky people to find love of a different kind, plenty of people find partners who are like-minded through sailing and boating. Send me your thoughts; what have you got to lose?

Handy links if planning a holiday

Our base is in Barcelona, Spain, and we are happy to support individuals who might want to develop a holiday experience such as the above. If you want further advice, please do get in touch at Network Yacht Brokers Barcelona.
Visit our home page, European Yacht Charters another popular page is Mediterranean Yacht Charters You can get lots of information from our FAQ page.
Posts that contain news are Split and long-distance charter.


Local Weather Forecasts

Modern Apps

Current local weather forecasts and weather apps provide a staggering amount of detail about upcoming weather events helping well-prepared sailors. Gone are the days when a skipper should be taken by surprise by a storm or weather event. This is certainly the case if he/she cruises close to a haven.Weather app image

This article is not about current forecasting technology. It is a suggestion to skippers who learned their skills not to dismiss the need to predict daily weather and local sea conditions. Indeed, predicting the exact weather to be encounter when sailing on any particular day can be extremely rewarding and is still, to a large extent, an art rather than a science.

Sailing In Tidal Waters

I have sailed in many parts of the world but gained most of my heavy weather sailing experience in the Irish Sea off the coast of North Wales. Strong currents and rips are common around the coast of Anglesey. I grew up adding two levels to the Beaufort wind scale when judging the sea state from any wind forecast that came with the word northerly in water flow through bridge

Calculating Weather

I often calculated my weather formula in reverse if a favourable tidal flow and southerly wind occurred.  I would subtract two levels from the Beaufort scale in such conditions.

The Cruising Anglesey Pilot by Ralph Morris explains the dangers of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The Irish Sea around Anglesey takes no prisoners. Always get an updated local weather forecast.

Perhaps the pilot could have gone into as much detail about calm waters. For example, when the wind and tide ran together at speed, the water is calm. A strong favourable wind and tide situation has produced some of the most exhilarating, safe sailing I have ever experienced. Learning about tidal flows is very much part of interpreting the weather conditions you will encounter when sailing.

Mediterranean Sailing

Mediterranean Cruising is different. You will most likely encounter local un-forecast winds and sea states in part created by storms in other areas during low season sailing. With no daily tide to take the sting out of waves caused by Calm Cloudy Marina local weather forecasts will helplocalised weather, unexpected moderate waves can travel great distances before losing their energy. Worry about the ever-present danger of being hit by a wave, especially when that wave can catch an unsuspecting crew member off guard. Talking about the unexpected wave danger as part of a Skippers safety briefing. Fortunately, rouge waves are less frequent in summer months but do exist all year round.

Get a local weather forecast. 

Local knowledge is the answer in all cases, and local weather forecasts will help a lot. I cannot emphasise enough the importance of asking a local about local weather and trends before cruising. I refer back to my opening statement about modern weather forecasting. In my recent experience, having been based in the Mediterranean for four years, local weather remains unpredictable. The confidence of knowing what might happen brings a certain pleasure. I have extensively sailed in all kinds of weather. Yes, when it’s off the scale, you remember it! Off the scale, weather days are predicted and calculated, and although testing, they are manageable. It’s when your guard is down that one can get caught out without a backup plan.

Did you visit the page about Charter Turkey? 

More blog information is available at Network Yacht Brokers Barcelona News. Dubrovnic  Split

Yacht Charters can be found in tidal waters around the UK  and, to some extent, along with the UK, the south coast. Follow the link for Charter boats in tidal waters.