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In the Balearic Islands Charter companies usually like to book Catamaran charters on a weekly basis. The normal format being a Charter that operates from Saturday to Saturday. Although it is not often advertised by Spanish Charter Companies some will take bookings for single days.

Corporate days are events organised by companies specifically for team building that can take the form of social events.  Good communication and friendship build a business by forming a team. Years ago it was only large companies that had a budget that would stretch to what some would describe as a paid holiday. I.T. Companies see the benefit more than most. They saw a day out on a sailing boat as one of the best ways to form business relationships.

Day charter corporate days format

Corperate day out on a YachtFor many people, a day out on a yacht can be a life-changing experience. surprisingly few have ever been sailing a yacht of 15 metres. A professional skipper keeps everyone safe and will encourage all participants to have a go at steering the yacht under sail. Some find taking the helm very easy while others simply have no sense of direction.

After a morning of discovery and adventure on the high sea’s ( a potter around beer on a boat corporate daysa bay), it’s time for lunch.  The skipper will stumble across an anchorage where perhaps a catering will be conveniently assembled on the beach with. Perhaps swim ashore for the young brave executives. A boat takes the more serious members ashore. A very long lunch follows with swimming and toys around the boat. Eventually, it’s time to reflect back at the start point and home of European Yacht Charters

Yeh, that was a tough day at the office!

Over the following months communications in the company improve, profits go up and we all meet up again for the second instalment.

An overnight adventure?