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Hulhumalé Yacht Charters

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If you’ve ever been to the Maldives, you may have heard of Hulhumalé Yacht Marina. Its a state-of-the-art, superyacht specialist marina. It will certainly have all the luxuries you would expect in these idyllic sailing islands. However, there is already plenty of interest in buying a berth here, simply because the sailing is so good.


You can already charter a yacht and sail from Hulhumalé. The lagoon has plentiful moorings. If you charter a boat here, get ready for a “James Bond movie-style” arrival. Your plane will land on a tiny island, followed by a 20-minute transfer by Dhoni boat, to embark straight onto your yacht. Does this sound OK to you?

An artificial island

Eight kilometres from the Maldives capital city of Malè lies a new small island. Initially, the Maldives government ordered the making of an artificial isle named Hulhumalé. Using reclaimed land from the lagoon helped meet the demand for housing and commercial development. The island’s inauguration was in 2004, presided over by the Maldivian President, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.

Friendship Bridge

Hulhumalé is connected by road with Hulhulé Airport Island. 2015 saw the beginning of construction of a 1.39km-long bridge between Hulhulé and Malé. Its name is the “China-Maldives Friendship Bridge”, due for completion very soon. Subsequently, this bridge will provide a road link between Hulhumalé and the main island of Malé.

Numerous reefs and islands to explore

Nearby is Emboodhoo Lagoon, which is a fabulous swimming site. Additionally, Kuda Bandos and Kuda Wataru sandbanks offer calm, crystal clear waters for snorkelling, swimming and some serious relaxing on the beach. This part of the Indian Ocean has numerous reefs and islands to explore by boat.

Diving is an incredible experience in the Maldives. The colourful underwater display of coral and tropical fish is spectacular in this area. Deep-sea fishing is something else to add to your sailing vacation checklist when you visit this part of the world.

And of course, delicious seafood is available in all the local restaurants!


The average year-round temperature stays between 24 degrees Celsius and 29 degrees Celsius.

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