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The Pacific

The Pacific Islands are a geographic area of the Pacific Ocean referred to in this article. This area comprises three ethnographic groupings; Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia. However, we include the neighbouring island and the continent of Australia. Also included is Asia-that includes Indonesian, Philippines Japanese archipelagoes.

Great Barier reife video Asia Travel

Historic Travellers from the west arriving in Asia for the first time are forgiven for believing they came on another planet. The same is true if you were travelling West for the first time. East and West cultures are totally different. The same can be said for the sorts of boats we use.

Cultures have developed over millions of years in both parts of the globe. It is therefore fascinating to study all cultures and is one of the riches we all inherit.

A well-travelled individual will understand more easily the journey we are all on. Recent communication changes are allowing a much better understanding of the world we live in. So lets all travel and try to communicate, understand and respect each other for the sake of our children.

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The one constant we all share is the sea, connected to sailing, boating and travel. The development of adventure boating only spans thousands of years. It is not so surprising that different cultures shared many ideas in the development of boats.


Australia, New Zealand,  New Guinea, and many neighbouring islands located in the Pacific Ocean, including India, most sit on the Indo-Australian Plate.  From a geological perspective, the Australasian plate is vast, but the name has no value when one explores the cultural differences throughout the area. It might be argued that this is where the most significant cultural variations exist, and comparison should stop. Sydney Sailing Promo video

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The Great Barrier reef

the great barrier reef Sailing video Sydney Australia

Sydney Harbour is a National Park. The islands and foreshore around Sydney Harbour are well protected. You can explore Sydney’s history on a  guided tour or make your own adventure and enjoy coastal walks, picnics and swimming.

Indian Ocean

Generally, local fishing boats and much modern pleasure craft developed to the eastern side of the Indian ocean tend to favour a canoe with establishing out-riggers design. This sort of craft is stable in both deep and shallow water. Modern marinas are generally but not exclusively a concept of the west. This general leisure development might explain why marinas in Asia are underdeveloped. In Asia’s future development, marina growth will be a booming industry and all marine industry sectors serving leisure boating.

Perhaps a good example of this is comparing the shortage of Marinas for deep watercraft in India compared with Europe. Some would say it is a cultural difference, and perhaps this is true. Leasure and small commercial sailing and boating are changing, driven by demand.

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