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Tanna Yacht Charters

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You can see why the glowing volcano attracted Captain Cook to the exotic island of Tanna.  When you sail here, you can imagine how he felt, with dolphins swimming across his bow, as he approached this glorious tiny island in the pacific turquoise sea.

Head to Port Resolution, named after Captain Cook’s ship, to begin an unforgettable yacht charter from Tanna.

Volcanic island

Tanna is a volcanic island in New Caledonia. Surprisingly, it measures only 40 kilometres long and 19 kilometres wide. The landscape provides mountains covered with lush forests. Its highest point is Mount Tukosmera in the south of the island at just over 1,080 ft. Lake Siwi is in the east, close to the coast.

Mount Yasur, a splendid example of an active volcano, is on the southeast coast. It is worth travelling to Tanna to peer down into the rumbling exploding lava. You can walk up the mountain, but suitable vehicles can drive right up close to the rim. Guided tours are a big part of the island’s tourism industry.


Captain Cook

The original people of Tanna were Melanesians who migrated here hundreds of years ago. During the following centuries, the inhabitants evolved to be the Tannan tribes whose descendants still live on the island.

Captain Cook first sighted land at Tanna in August 1774. William Hodges’ painting “Landing at Tanna” is in the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. Dr Hawkesworth was accompanying the crew and other scientists for a voyage on HMS Resolution. The doctor wrote a first-hand account describing their incredible adventure and mentioned their arrival on Tanna:

“Cook’s landing party approaching the beach, the captain holding the fronds of a palm in his right hand and the barrel of a musket in his left. At the extreme left, a party of Tanan men brandishing clubs and spears, and another similar party at centre…..”


19th-century traders and missionaries arrived on Tanna. Their idea was to change the ways of all the island people, both economically and religiously. However, the Tannese stuck to their traditions fervently. Still today, there are fewer Christians here than on Vanuatu’s other islands.


Tanna has exceptionally fertile land. Consequently, excellent Tanna coffee is exported worldwide. Other produce from the island includes kava, coffee, coconut, copra, and exotic fruits. In recent years, successful tourism affects the island’s economy. Tourists from around the globe visit to witness traditional culture (many of the indigenous people still wear the tribal dress), and of course, the spectacle of the volcano. To preserve cultural integrity, only local people are permitted to act as tourist guides.

There is a choice of relatively basic accommodation on the island. Therefore, many of the island’s visitors choose to charter a yacht to enjoy the excellent sailing conditions. Certainly, it’s the best way to explore everything that Vanuatu´s islands have to offer.


Claims to fame

Some of the Tannan tribes believe in “Cargo Cult”, which believes that to create wealth, you have to attract it by extensive building, as a grand gesture. Moreover, they consider HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, to be a god!

The film Tanna is set on the island and was nominated for “Best Foreign Language Film” at the 89th Academy Awards. The movie tells the true story of a couple who decided to marry for love rather than obey their parents’ wishes.