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Raiatea is the largest island of the Society Islands. We often referred to as “Raiatea the sacred”. The island is unique among the Tahitian Islands. Moorea and Bora Bora are the most touristic islands. But Raiatea is the administrative, cultural and religious centre of the Western islands. And so has more businesses and industry.

According to oral traditions, great migrations towards the Hawaiian Islands and New Zealand started from Raiatea. It is a place with a magical atmosphere, dear to the heart of Polynesians.


Raiatea is the only island in Polynesia to possess a navigable river, the Faaroa. Therefore, luxuriant vegetation bordered the river. The interior of the island offers superb hiking, horseback riding or 4WD tours. It allows you to explore fertile valleys where crystalline waterfalls nestle in the valley walls.

On the Temehani plateau, you’ll find the “Tiare Apetahi”. It is a famous flower, unique on the island. It is the pride of the inhabitants. Also, it has the strange shape of an open hand. It doesn’t grow anywhere else. Beaches are rare on Raiatea. However, the islets which surround the main island are numerous. Often possessing beautiful stretches of white sand, these small islands are truly inviting and perfect for relaxation and bathing.

Raiatea is also known for its excellent conditions for pleasure boating and ship cruises all year long. Diverse aquatic activities are available there, of course. Scuba enthusiasts of all levels will be completely satisfied as ten or so underwater sites exist.

Uturoa constitutes the second urban and economic zone of French Polynesia, just after Papeete. It is also the departure point for discovering Tahaa, its neighbouring island.

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