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Holiday in Dubrovnik Split, Slano Kastel , so many destinations including Gomilica Pula, Zadar, Sukosan, Biograd, Trogir, Murter, or Šibenik. Croatia Yacht Charter Special offers available on all locations

Croatia is the 18th most popular tourist destination in the world

The staggering local beauty of the area provides an irresistible charm for our European Yacht Charter clients. Natural resources have allowed Yachting and Charter to thrive throughout this region. Additionally, deep water harbours, with plenty of shelter and an abundance of marinas, are the main attractions for sailors.

Officially The Republic Of Croatia

Officially named Croatian Republika Hrvatska this is a country at the crossroads of central and southeast Europe. The shores roll out into the Adriatic Sea. The capital is Zagreb which forms one of the country’s subdivisions, along with its twenty counties. Typically of the Mediterranean region, the long summers have excellent sailing weather.


Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar and Pula have well-serviced airports along the coast, close to many Charter locations. The capital Zagreb also has a fully serviced international airport.

Car Rental

Car Rental can be a challenge in Dubrovnik, especially if you intend to cross a country border. Do check with your rental company before booking about any travel restrictions.


The Rail Network provides good internal connections.  Trains operate in all major cities, except Dubrovnik. If you want to visit Dubrovnik, travel by train to Split, and then take a bus to Dubrovnik.

There are direct rail links to Croatia from Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary and Slovenia.

Rail developments since 2004 saw the introduction of the 160 kph “Tilting trains”.  These connect Zagreb with Split and other major cities such as Rijeka and Osijek. A high-speed rail service is progressively being introduced into this ever-developing country.


Most internal trains in do not require a seat reservation. Additionally, from Zagreb airport, one or two buses leave every hour going to the Zagreb city bus terminal. At the station, you can also take a tram to the central train station. Euro Rail (Eurail) passes are not valid on the buses or trams.

The service sector dominates Croatia’s economy, followed by industry and agriculture. International and European tourism is a primary source of income during the summer, with boating and Yacht Charter being a substantial contributor to the economy.


In 1918, after World War one, Croatia was included in the unrecognised European State of Slovenes.  Correspondingly, Croatia and Serbia seceded from Austria-Hungary and merged into the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. In World War II, Croatia was a fascist puppet state. Significantly, it was supported by the then fascist Italy and Nazi Germany. The Croatian government finally declared independence on 25th June 1991.  The country´s independence  came into effect in October that year.

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