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Trogir Yacht Charter

The beautifully preserved historic town of Trogir is situated on a small island between the Croatian mainland and the island of Čiovo. It lies 27 kilometres west of Split. The island lies just off the Adriatic coast of Croatia. The city has a population of 10,818.

Tourism is significant in the region with many hotels and private apartments available for rent. Trogir is one of the largest ports for yacht charter in Croatia and boasts two big yacht marinas. There is also an active fishing tradition amongst the local population.


In the past, shipbuilding has been an essential industry with the busy shipyard “Trogir” established at the beginning of the 20th century. The shipyard can build ships of up to 55,000 tons. Between 1990 and 2004, the yard produced 93 ships.

Game of Thrones

Trogir is a location used for many film productions. HBO used the town as the set for the ¨City of Qarth¨ for the TV series ¨Game of Thrones¨. It also served as a double for 16th-century Venice for the film ¨The Vampires of Venice¨.

Split Airport

Trogir lies six kilometres (3.7 miles) from Split Airport. A reliable and regular bus connects Trogir with both the airport and Split. Planning is in progress for the Split Suburban Railway to extend towards the airport and Trogir.

World Heritage

Water supply to the city comes from the Jadro River, the same source that once supplied the ancient Diocletian’s Palace. The World Heritage Organisation listed the centre of Trogir as a Heritage Site in 1997, in respect of its Venetian architecture.


Trogir has 2300 years of urban tradition. The ancient Greeks, then the Romans, and Venetians all influenced the culture of the region. Trogir has a high concentration of churches, palaces, and towers. It also has a fortress on a small island. Stunning Renaissance and Baroque buildings dating back to the Venetian period beautifully complement its Romanesque churches.

Preserved Romanesque-Gothic

Historians consider Trogir the best-preserved Romanesque-Gothic complex, not only in the Adriatic but entire Central Europe. The medieval city core is surrounded by walls and comprises a fantastically preserved castle and tower.  Additionally, there are many dwellings from the Romanesque-Gothic period. The towns most exquisite building is the church of St. Lawrence; its primary west portal is a masterpiece by Radovan.

Another famous monument is the church of St. Sebastian, built in 1476 as a votive church. The church was an offering given by the citizens, in thanks for safe deliverance from the plague. Niccolo di Giovanni Fiorentino designed the church, adorning the front of the building with wonderful decorations of the Sculptures of Ist. It also displays the coat of arms of Bishop Giacomo Torlon and those of the duke, Malipiero. Above the front of the church rises a two-story tower which holds the town clock. Against the western wall rests a plaque bearing names of the fallen.

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