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The city  is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia. It is known as the entertainment centre of the Adriatic. The town was also named as “Best European Destination” by a Belgian website when 288,000 people voted online.

A rich undersea world awaits you between Zadar and the island of Uglijan. From Zadar marina, there are plenty of opportunities for swimming and snorkelling in the charming bay as you cruise around the unique islets, each with their own personality.


This is the oldest inhabited City in Croatia. It sits on the Adriatic coast, in the northwest part of Ravni Kotari. This is the primary city in Zadar County in the Dalmatian region. In 2011, the population was 75,082.

Humans in the region trace back as far as the late Stone Age. Numerous settlements date from as early as the Neolithic Age. The city itself began development back in the 9th-century BC as a settlement of the Illyrian tribe of Liburnians.

Roman rule

During Roman rule, Zadar acquired the characteristics of a traditional city with a Roman road network. The Romans also built a public square and an elevated temple.

After the fall of Rome in 476 AD, the city became the capital of the Byzantine theme (province) of Dalmatia. During the 9th-century, the city fell under Frankish rule for a short time but returned to the Byzantine Pax Nicephori in 812 AD. The first Croatian dynasty took control over the city sometime during the 10th-century.

Republic of Venice

The Republic of Venice conquered Zadar in 1202. Croats regained control over the city in 1358. In 1409, King Ladislaus I sold Zadar to the Venetians. The Turks then conquered the region at the beginning of the 16th-century, and the town became an important stronghold for Venetian trade. During this time, many famous Croatian writers such as Brne Krnarutić, Petar Zoranić, Šime Budinić, and Juraj Baraković wrote texts in the Croatian language.

After the fall of Venice in 1797, the area came under Austrian rule until 1918. During the 19th-century, Zadar was a centre for the Croatian movement of cultural and national revival.

Modern Day

With the 1920 Treaty of Rapallo, the city passed to the Kingdom of Italy. The Allies heavily bombed the area during World War II, and ethnic Italians evacuated the town. Eventually, Yugoslav Partisans liberated the region to become part of Yugoslavia.

Today, Zadar is the historical centre of Dalmatia, and it is the County’s principal, cultural, commercial, political, educational, and industrial centre. The city is also the seat of a Roman Catholic Archdiocese because of its rich heritage.

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