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This lively Greek island is just off the Turkish coast. For people looking for fun packed days on the water and plenty of nightlife, Kos is a good choice. Sailing between it and other nearby islands is more relaxed than around the rest of the Dodecanese because of being lateral to the wind.

Yacht Charter in Kos

A Yacht Charter here opens up a chance to enjoy the clear blue waters of the Aegean and the many watersports that make the island famous. You can also choose to combine Kos with a trip to Rhodes together with a host of other enchanting islands in between. Each one has its own fascinating history, beautiful beaches and local tavernas offering fresh local food and wine.

The coastline stretches for 112 km from west to east. It is part of the Dodecanes 12 island chain. The population of around 33,500 makes Kos only slightly less populated than Rhodes. Kos town on the northeast coast is the chief administrative centre, but there are other well-known towns on the island including Kardamena and Kefalos. A person or goods from Kos are called “Koan”.

The extensive beaches are attractive to tourists, and the island has a lively centre of hotels, restaurants and nightlife. Kardamena is a  favourite holiday destination for young Europeans because of its plethora of bars and clubs. Along with tourism, Kos produces grapes, figs, olives, almonds and corn as its principal exports.  The soil is very fertile here, so farming contributes significantly to the island’s economy.

Claims to Fame

Homer mentioned the island of Kos in the “Iliad” because a significant contingent of Koans fought as Greeks in the Trojan War. As well as this, the island has a deep-seated history in the practice of medicine. Hippocrates comes from the island. The “dream temple” in the centre of town named the “Plane Tree of Hippocrates” is where the ancient physician instructed his students. The city is also home to both the Hippocratic Museum and International Hippocratic Institute; thus the birthplace of the Hippocratic Oath is right here.

Ancient history

In classical Greek mythology, the founder-king of Kos was Merops. Kos boasted one of the largest markets in the ancient world which extended all around the city. Archaeologists discovered a Roman dome and workshop in the southern part of the market. Over the years, ancient coins and other treasures plus excellent mosaics have been uncovered. All around the island are ruins relating to the ancient Romans and Greeks. At the entrance of the harbour is a 14th-century fortress erected by the medieval Knights Hospitaller.


Summer is best for warm waters, sunshine and temperatures up around 28-30ºC in July and August. Autumn and Spring are still warm but can be challenging for sailors because of strong winds and rainstorms. Conversely, Winter is pretty quiet in Kos and can be cold, so there is not much activity on the water.

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