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Achilleio is a peaceful town on the west coast of Corfu, in the Ionian Islands, Greece. Only 11,000 people live in the town. Also known as Achillion, it is one of the newer seaside resorts in the Gulf of Volos. Traditional tavernas, bars, mini markets and holiday accommodation line the seafront, overlooking the Ionian Sea.


In Greek mythology, the Greek hero of the Trojan war Achilles is thought to have lived here during his travels. In 1888, Empress Elisabeth of Austria ordered the building of a summer “Palace of Achilleion” in his honour, which is how the town got its name. The exquisite mansion has superb views of Corfu and houses the sculpture of “The dying Achilles” by Ernst Herter in the gardens. The current town is only around 100 years old, built on the site of the Byzantine city of Nicopolis.

Sailing in the Gulf of Volos

Bareboat charter yachts and flotillas provide the majority of international visitors, but many Greeks enjoy holidays here too. There’s a pretty beach for swimming and a small marine museum which mainly shows a collection of local shells.

The Gulf of Volos is vast and provides brilliant views, great anchorages and generally calm waters. The long quay at Achilleio gives you plenty of mooring space. If you sail around to the next bay you will find the area of Nies, a secluded and pleasant anchorage. Nies offers a long narrow beach with shallow water out into the bay. Additionally, there are spectacular panoramic views if you venture up into the hills. Nies is a beautiful spot, and now is the time to go before more people discover this local Greek secret and the proposed new hotels bring in more tourists.

If you sail across the Gulf to the east, you will find Palaio Trikeri, a picture-perfect Greek island which is well worth a visit.

Trips to Skiathos

Achilleio offers ferries and boat trips to the island of Skiathos which is 25 nautical miles away. From Skiathos, sailing back to Achilleio is easy as it is all downwind. However, it can be gusty, and the wind can “bend” around the islands.

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