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Palma De Mallorca is probably best known for its enormous harbour. This harbour begins in front of the cathedral and borders the west. The pedestrian and cyclist friendly promenade reaches the ferry port, past the harbour.

Local culture

Throughout its history, Mallorca has been the subject of numerous invasions and conquests.  The original Arab settlers knew Palma as Medina Mayurqa until about 1229. After this, Mallorcans called this place simply Ciutat (City). Palma’s name comes from the Roman city of Palmaria, which still exists a couple of metres beneath the ground.

Palma De Mallorca´s current image owes a great deal to the last two hundred years. Constructed in the 19th-century, from a base derived from a dried-up riverbed, are two iconic roads Passeig des Born and Las Ramblas. The defensive city walls once protected the whole city. Once removed, this made room for the ring road called Las Avinguda.  Land was reclaimed from the sea in the 1950s, to create the waterfront highway and promenade Passeig Maritim.

Sights & attractions

Reflected in the wide variety of architecture Palma’s cultural history is always on display, visitors do tend to spend a lot of their time in the old town. People also spend time just wandering through the streets while browsing the exciting shops.

Medieval buildings

Palma De Mallorca most iconic building is the Gothic Cathedral, La Seu, built on the site of a mosque many centuries ago. Before this, it was a Roman temple. The Cathedral rises out of the city walls which used to mark the edge of the sea.

The Arab Quarter

It’s worth a short walk behind the magnificent buildings, as if you do, you will find the old Arab quarter. There is a labyrinth of narrow streets – so be very careful not to get lost!

The Arab quarter contains many of Palma’s treasures, including small museums, charming courtyards and delightful architecture. Numerous exhibitions, dedicated to antique toys or religious artefacts, showcase the history of Mallorca.



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