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Found on the Mediterranean coast almost halfway between Barcelona and Alicante, this town is best known for its fertile land. Valencia has managed to preserve its popularity over the years thanks to the delicious fruit found in its orange groves and the local (and unbeatable) speciality of paella. Valencia is also a city with superb sandy beaches. Additionally, the city is the venue of the world-renowned sailing race, The America’s Cup. Valencia hosted the championship in both 2007 and 2010, placing the city firmly on the map of leading sailing destinations.

The port of offers regular ferry boat services to and from the Balearic Islands and Italy. The Balearic islands are a just a few hours sail from the city. Taking a vacation on board a yacht from here is a great way to combine a Mediterranean sailing holiday with the mixed pleasure of visiting a magnificent city.

Unmissable attractions

So many world-class attractions are available in the city. It is difficult to imagine why you would sail away without seeing what this place has to offer first. One unmissable attraction is The City of Arts and Sciences, designed by Santiago Calatrava and Félix Candela. Why not also explore the Roman and Arabic heritage architecture, the cathedral, and the Gothic style buildings?

Valencia is a great starting point to sail towards Ibiza or the other Balearic Islands. If you charter a yacht from the port of Valencia, we recommend cruising along the beaches on the Costa Blanca coast before sailing towards the Balearics. Most of the Valencian sandy beaches are wide, open and well preserved.

Each Spanish coastal region has a unique character

The Spanish coastline runs for over 1,700 km all the way from the French border to the Straits of Gibraltar in the south. This diverse coastline has a lot to offer and has a variety of landscapes. There are cliffs, sandy beaches, fertile farmlands, craggy mountains, olive groves and rocky coves. Each coastal region has a unique character. The Costa Brava lies along the north-eastern part of the Spanish Mediterranean coast. This 220 km long “Wild Coast” is steep and often rugged with many picturesque bays, headlands and beaches. It is indeed worth visiting the Catalonian capital of Barcelona too.

The sailing area of Valencia and the Spanish coast is relatively straightforward and easy to navigate. The coast is uncomplicated, the ports are well buoyed, with few shoals. Tides and currents have virtually no influence.


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