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With an enormous choice of places to start your Yacht Charter holiday, the first thing to do is to pick a country! Check your sailing ability and look for the area most suited to beginners, intermediate sailors or experienced yachtsmen (and women). A sailing holiday in the Mediterranean has something on offer for everyone.

Mediterranean Charter Locations
Mediterranean Sea Map showing Yacht Charter locations from European Yacht Charters
Sailing in the Mediterranean


We can help you find the best resort to suit your needs. Booking an experienced local skipper is often a great option. You’ll probably learn so much that you’ll be able to return next year and navigate like a local.

The “Med” is bounded by three continents: Europe, Asia and Africa. Therefore this deep watered ocean both can affect weather patterns in the enormous area that it covers. For example; the Scirocco – a dry stormy wind from the Sahara Desert picks up moisture as it blows across the Med to become a lesser damp wind by the time it reaches Europe. The Mistral from southern France is a strong north wind which can reach up over 100 mph bringing storms that can devastate the south coast. By the time it reaches Languedoc it can feel like a west wind with half the velocity and accompanies clear warm sunny weather.


Experienced yachtsmen will understand that the difference in temperature between sea and land can form a localised breeze. Often this is northerly in the morning, changeable at noon and strong southerly by afternoon. However, nothing is ever for sure in the Med. Valencia hosted the America’s Cup 2007 – chosen because, apart from being a fantastic city with plenty to do, it usually has a pattern of strong winds at that time of year. Sadly, some of the races had to be cancelled because 2007 did not live up to its usual weather report. The wind died down too quickly on some race days.

Additionally, the Mediterranean surface water evaporates quickly, with rivers struggling to replenish it in summer, creating strong currents. If you know the area and are a skilled navigator or you hire a skipper, this isn’t a problem. For someone new to sailing, this can throw you right off your game (and off course).

Where to start

All that aside, there are plenty of areas in the Med which are ideal for beginners. Many of these are close to superb resorts with well-serviced marinas in glorious places in Europe. A summer spent sailing in the Med is never a summer wasted.

Take a look at a map, or take a look at your own bucket list of places you want to visit. There are so many to choose from in the Med; you’ve got the pick of the whole of Europe. Some of the most popular destinations are France, Spain and the Balearic Islands, the Greek islands, Croatia – to name but a few.  Then, of course, there is Asia and Africa…..

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