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Rogoznica is a beautiful Mediterranean place. It is situated in the heart of the Dalmatia coastline.

Thanks to the stone houses that prevail in the old nucleus, the charm of the Mediterranean of Rogoznica has been preserved.

A beautiful place to charter

A Mediterranean nautical centre preserves the world’s safest and most beautiful parts in addition to the natural wealth and numerous forests.

The most beautiful marina in the Adriatic – Marina Frapa is rated as the best Croatian marina and the best nautical boating base globally, which is certainly not a small thing.

Apart from 700 berths, Marina Frapa also contains a hotel, swimming pool, catering facilities, congress halls, sports grounds and nightclubs.


There is over 50 km of the Rogoznica ‘s coast. There are also numerous rocky, sandy and pebble beaches.

The title of the most beautiful beach has – Šepurine beach. Something special about this place is the so-called “hidden beaches” where it’s possible to relax and enjoy the peace all day long.


The really long coastline is perfect for walking, running, cycling and enjoying in relaxing sounds of the sea.

If you decide to ride a bike, choose one of the three bicycle trails. Feel and discover all the magic of Rogoznica.

If you desire to explore the depths of the sea, you will have the opportunity to dive with expert divers and experience all the richness of flora and fauna of the Adriatic Sea. Divers from all over the world visit Rogoznica for the crystal clear sea.

One of the most special things about Rogoznica is undoubtedly Dragon’s Eye – karst phenomenon, actually the lake that from time to time boils and changes its colour. The legend says this happens because the dragon sleeps at the bottom of the lake, and that’s why it has a name – Dragon’s Eye.

Gastronomic speciality

This gorgeous place also offers top gastronomic delicacies. Many restaurants and taverns offer the best traditional Mediterranean and Dalmatian meals- fish, shells, crabs, prosciutto, cheese …

Drink the glass of the top red wine Babić and enjoy the beautiful view of the Rogoznica’s coast.


In addition to the natural beauties and top-quality delicacies, Rogoznica can also boast of a rich cultural and entertainment program.

There are four great and most interesting events of this place that you absolutely should visit- Fishermen’s Night, Rogoznica Night, Awakening of the Dragon and Celebration of Our Lady of the Chapel.