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Mediterranean Slano is a small and extremely pretty town sitting on its own sandy bay along the coast from Dubrovnic. There is plenty of fascinating history to absorb and places to visit when you are not on the water.


In Slano you can find pine forest, orange trees, and olive groves stretch all the way down to the sand and pebble beaches. The bright blue Mediterranean water is a playground for every type of watersport. Reasonably priced restaurants and taverns offer a warm Croatian welcome after a day´s sailing.



The 15th-century Church of  St. Hieronymus is a fine example of architecture from this era. Slano´s founding family named Ohmucevic were keen sailors and kept records of their exploits. Their summer residence remains in the town.

In the past, Slano was a Mediterranean trading post with fishing and agriculture also adding to the economy of the area. Nowadays, tourism is the highest earner in the region. There are few hotels, but private owners offer their houses and apartments for holiday rentals.

Being close to the Elaphite Islands, the Isle of Mljet, and the city of Dubrovnik, Slano is an ideal starting point for exploring both the famous and the unspoiled areas of Dalmatia.


Slano has a typically Mediterranean climate being on the Dalmatian coast. Warm sunny summers with little rain with mild and sometimes rainy winters are the norm. Summer can extend right through until November some years. The temperature averages hover around the  30s°C in summer and rarely dip below 5°C for most of the winter. In recent years, however, light snow has fallen in both Dubrovnik and Split. Like most of Croatia, the best times of year to visit for a Yacht Charter are April till the end of June and the end of August until November.


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