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With two lagoons, two rivers and three seas to choose from, this Greek city is all about having fun on the water.

Messolonghi sits on the north side of the Gulf of Patras, on the west coast of mainland Greece. The town lies at the end of salt marshes, between the lagoons of Messolonghi and Kleisova near the Acheloos river. It is located 250 km northwest of Athens. Around 34,000 people are living in the area.


Messolonghi is a picturesque and sacred Mediterranean town full of memories of immortal heroes. Now it is famous for its fabulous marina and excellent sailing conditions. To mix a little history and culture into your sailing holiday, book a Yacht Charter here.


This attractive town was initially three villages which amalgamated. Consequently, it received various names over a period of time. The current name is from two Italian words, mezzo and langhi, meaning the “town between two lakes”, thus when the Italians were in Greece, the town first got its name.



There are historical references to Messolonghi dating back to the 16th-century. Ali Pasha of Ioannina governed the town from 1804, for just over ten years. In April 1826, after a long siege by the Turks, all the people escaped the city. The “Sortie of Messolonghi” is significant in Modern Greek history. Unfortunately, all the inhabitants were recaptured and slaughtered. Turkish forces retained control until 1829. Afterwards, the reconstruction process began. In 1937 Messolonghi was recognised as a “Sacred Town”.

The romantic poet Lord Byron died of fever here in 1824. He hoped to aid the struggle for Greek independence during their war with the Turks. There is a statue in the town to commemorate his effort. Apparently, his heart is buried under this statue, but his body is buried in Westminster Abbey in London.


Today, Messolonghi Mediterranean  Marina is modern and ever-expanding. Sailing and tourism are a considerable part of the city’s economy. The well-serviced marina offers yachts secure anchorage in the basin, berths on the town’s commercial quay, and pontoon berths.

The surrounding wetlands are a joy to explore if you are a lover of abundant birdlife, and you might even see a few turtles. Traditional fishermen’s shacks built above the waterline on stilts suggest the town’s other source of income, fish production.


The prevailing wind in Mediterranean summer is from the west. It rarely exceeds force 6. During autumn or spring, the wind can be either from east or west. Additionally, during the winter months, the weather can be volatile with violent thunderstorms and heavy rain.

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