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Skiathos Yacht Charters

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Skiathos is a great Mediterranean holiday choice. Set up for Yacht Charter, but with limited availability.

The Sporades are a little more off the beaten path than other Mediterranean Greek islands, and Skiathos is a great holiday choice. Well set up for Yacht Charter, but with limited availability, there won’t be a crowd in the harbour. The island offers a delightful blend of Greek hospitality, perfect beaches, lively restaurants and superb Mediterranean sailing conditions.

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Yacht Charter Skiathos

Skiathos is a tiny Greek Mediterranean island in the Sporades group in the northwest Aegean. It is only 12 km long and 6 km wide. A multitude of inlets, peninsulas and capes form the rugged coastline. The majority of people live in the southeast or southwest as the gentler hillsides provide farming land.

Despite its small area, this place has many lovely beaches and natural woodland. A peaceful pine forest surrounds the lagoon. Faithful tourists come back every year because they have fallen in love with “their Mediterranean holiday island”.

You can plan your charter to hop between Skopelos and Alonissos’ islands for a tranquil and relaxing sailing holiday. With plenty of hideaway coves and snorkelling spots, the Sporades are a must for people who love the deep blue Aegean. Book early to ensure availability.


In 480 BC, the Persian fleet of King Xerxes was storm damaged on the Skiathos coast’s rocks. Afterwards, the Greek fleet blockaded the sea, trying to prevent the Persians from invading the mainland. The Persian army faced “The 300”, who were Spartans defending the Thermopylae pass. Persians were soundly defeated and finished off a year later at the Battle of Salamis. Nonetheless, the Macedonians went on to destroy the city of Skiathos in 200 BC.

In 1207 the Venetian Ghisi brothers captured the island and erected a Venetian-style island fortress to protect Skiathos’ city from pirates. However, pirates continued to raid. During the 14th century, Kastro (meaning Castle) became the capital as it offered better protection than Skiathos. From this vantage point, they could look out to sea as far as Skopelos, Euboea and Skyros’ islands, all visible if the weather is clear.
The high battlements protected the Islanders up on the hill until the 1830s when Skiathos town became the capital once more. The island fell to control by the Byzantines, Venetians and then the Ottomans during the course of history. One of the attractions for each dynasty was the abundant pine, perfect for building splendid ships. Skiathos was a significant boatyard in the past and is still famous for making traditional Greek caiques.

Monks built the Evangelistria Monastery in 1704. It later played its part in the Greek War of Independence as a rebel hide-out. Significantly, Greece’s first flag was made and hoisted at the monastery.

How to get there

The international airport is northeast of the island and offers charter flights from Europe and scheduled services with Olympic Air. You can also reach Skiathos from other islands and the mainland on high-speed Flying Cat vessels and conventional sea ferries.

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