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Tivat Yacht Charters

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Tivat is popular with yacht charterers thanks to the dramatic coastline and great summer sailing conditions.

Tivat is a beautiful resort town close to the Bay of Kotor, on the Adriatic. It is becoming more and more popular with yacht charterers due to the dramatic coastline and excellent summer sailing conditions. The town is home to a luxurious yacht marina, Porto Montenegro.

Yacht Charter

In Tivat, you will find Porto Montenegro, a state of the art marina, which is still expanding. The deepwater port currently offers more than 250 large berths for grand yachts. There are numerous luxury shops, a yacht club, excellent restaurants and watersports opportunities. Porto Montenegro is adding a high-end golf club, and already there is a very chic beach club called Purobeach. There are luxury residences, and you can even find the assistance of experts from Yacht Assist – a kind of 24/7 yachting concierge service. Nothing is too much trouble here if you have a high budget.

Berthed in Porto Montenegro, alongside all the charter yachts and smaller craft, are many mega yachts. So, if you want to bump into Nathaniel Rothschild or Oleg Deripaska, for example, this is the place to come.

Just down the coast from Tivat is Sveti Stefan’s area – a peninsula with perfect sandy beaches on either side. Pictures don’t do it justice. Formerly a picturesque medieval village, a full transformation in the 1950s created a fantastic luxury resort.

Summers are hot with perfect Mediterranean conditions. Winter brings a great deal of rain, but this contributes to the beautiful lush greenery both in and around the area.



Montenegrins call their town Tivat. In ancient Venetian, the name of the town was Teodoro. This name was derived from Illyrian Queen Teuta, but some say it came from the Ancient Greek word “Thiodhos”, meaning “Way of God”.

Archaeological evidence shows inhabitants in the region in Greek and Roman settlements. Venetians ruled the region during the Middle Ages, and you can still see the medieval stone tower in the town. This is the remains of a summer palace belonging to the Kotors aristocratic family. In summer, theatre is performed in the old hacienda.

Austro-Hungarians built two shipyards in the Bay of Kotor during the 19th-century and began the development of Tivat. A military Arsenal became the centre of the city. While Yugoslavia ruled the area, Soviet submarines came to Tivat for service and repair. In more recent years, Montenegro sold the Arsenal to a Canadian billionaire. The luxurious Porto Montenegro now sits on the site of the former factory.