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On the point of the mainland of Sicily is Marsala. It is about 18 miles south of Trapani or 16 miles North West of Mazara del Vallo. It is a popular stopping-off point for yachts heading South West to Tunisia or the island of Pantelleria. Marsala occupies the original site of Lilybaeum, which was the main.


Carthaginian stronghold on the island until the cession to Rome in 241 BC. The Saracens (Marsa Ali – great harbour) gave the city’s current name. Garibaldi landed here in 1860 to start the liberation of the island. Marsala’s other claim to fame is the brand of wine. An English trader, John Woodhouse, discovered it in the 18th century. The wine is now popular all over the world as a chilled aperitif.

From Marsala, you can go to Pantelleria, a little Sicilian volcanic island between Sicily and Tunisia.

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