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The Port of Nice offers ferries to nearby Corsica and provides an excellent stopover for cruise ships. It also has a superb marina for private and charter yachts. However, shipping and boating traffic can be heavy at the entrance of the dock, so care must be taken when entering and leaving the port.

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Marian Berths available – 503, Maximum  boat length – 175 m

Nice South of France charter vidio Luminous signal masts highlight the Nice port entrance. The intention is to regulate the traffic at entry and exit to ensure the safety of all users. These masts are located at the foot of the port’s main lighthouse, on the northern part of the sea dyke at the Infernet pier, and the fairing mole between the Lympia and Amiraux basins.

The town is the fifth most populated city in France. There is a total population of almost one million. It is the capital of the Alpes-Maritimes department. The built-up area of Nice extends far beyond the city limits. Nice is on the French Riviera, on the Mediterranean.  Additionally, it sits at the Alps’ foot – only around 90 minutes drive to the ski slopes. This perfect year-round location makes Nice extremely popular with both tourists and locals. There is an extensive hotel capacity because of the number of visitors. Over 4 million tourists visit every year.


The King of Sardinia, Emmanuel III, first ordered a harbour to be built in the area in 1749. His engineers reclaimed the swamp of Lympia to provide land for the purpose.  Hence, the port was named Nice-Lympia.

Due to the natural beauty and mild climate of the area, the resort quickly began to gain attention from the English upper-class. It became fashionable with an increasing number of aristocratic families to  “winter” there during the 18th century. The clear air, soft light and warm sunshine also appealed to many notable painters such as Henri Matisse, Marc Chagall, Niki de Saint Arman and Phalle.  Many of the city’s museums celebrate their fine work.

The strategic location and busy port have significantly contributed to the town’s maritime strength throughout the ages.  The old town and port have evolved and improved, with constant plans for further expansion.

Nice is just 13 kilometres from the Principality of Monaco and across the border from Italy.  It’s the second-largest French city to adorn the Mediterranean coast.  The nearby International airport provides an international gateway to the whole region.

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