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Barcelona Yacht Charters

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Skipper Charter

If you are new to charter in Barcelona, why not enquire about a skippered charter. Providing you stay locally, our skipped can leave you on the boat in the evening returning early the following morning to head off sailing.  Even if you have been sailing before, having a local to offer assistance while you sail can take lots of the stress away from being in charge of a boat. Let’s face it, you need a holiday, right!

Clearly, some people want to bareboat charter, and that’s fine. We have boats that you can book, and we can accommodate this with some boats. Key to all of this is our understanding of your charter needs.

Where to go sailing off the coast of Barcelona?

From our base in Port Ginesta, you can head off in many directions. A five or seven-day charter, we can give you the suggestions of several well-travelled routes,

Barcelona City Experience

Pick up a yacht in Port Ginestsa, spend the first day provisioning the yacht and put the finishing touches to your holiday plan. June, July and August offer settled weather in Barcelona. However, you will have done a great deal of pre-planning at home before you arrive to collect the boat. Always have a backup plan just in case the unforeseen happens.

Sail to Barcelona

Allow the day to leave Port Gin and head off for Barcelona city centre. You start at one port and have an easily achievable goal for arriving at one of the city centre marinas. Per booking for Barcelona is a must in summer. Perhaps spend an entire day cruising in the bay the next day with the iconic city as a photo backdrop before dropping anchor and going for a swim.