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intro video port ginesta Port Ginesta Marina is located in Les Botigues de Sitges, within the Spanish district of Sitges. It opened in 1986 and covered an area of 30 hectares, divided between sea and land.

Within the port, there are leisure areas with restaurants, bars, and shops. Some of the services for users include a boat repair yard, laundry, changing rooms, and diving services.


Boat moorings up to 1442 units from 7 m to 30 m

Barcelona Port Ginesta a day sail The port is in Garraf, at the end of Castelldefels´ five kilometres of beach, on the Mediterranean coast. Garraf is part of the Garraf National Park, a protected natural area. Additionally, at either end of the marina is a small public beach.

Access by road: Highway C-32, Exit 42

Airport To office video The port belongs to the municipality of Sitges, located 10 km away. However, the nearest town is Castelldefels, just 3 km from the port. The nearest train station is called ¨Platja de Castelldefels¨ because Catalan for “the beach” is ¨La Platja¨. Port Ginesta is 10 km from Barcelona-El Prat Airport and 20 km from the city centre of Barcelona.

Port Ginesta has a distinctive Blue Flag. The Blue Flag campaign is a symbol that demands compliance with sanitary-environmental standards and prohibits the dumping of polluting products such as fuels or oils into the sea. Ports that carry this badge facilitate the collection of waste through suction pumps. The administration also has a responsibility to promote recycling.


Castelldefels party night Les Botigues de Sitges is the area between Castelldefels and Sitges’ towns, including Port Ginesta, within the Sitges District. Originally, the name came from the Catalan word for the old huts where fishers kept their equipment. This area’s traditional economic activity has always been agriculture, vineyards, farming, and fishing.

Trade with the Colonies first began in Sitges in 1779. This was after Catalonia gained a free trade permit with the Americas.

Before this, Seville and Cadiz had the monopoly of all trade between Spain and “The Indies” (as the Americas and Caribbean were known. Consequently, trade continued until the beginning of the 19th-century, which led to the consolidation of maritime activity in the locality.


Marina day video link As a thriving beach community and popular town to live in year-round, Les Botigues de Sitges is very much part of Castelldefels life. Because of this, Spanish and foreigners alike own or rent holiday homes here to enjoy the extensive beach area. Port Ginesta Marina offers a wealth of opportunities for boat owners and yacht charterers.

Additionally, there are plenty of choices here for water sports enthusiasts.

http://www.networkyachtbrokersbarcelona.com/en/  is our parent company that is also based in Port Ginesta. Another location links on our website that can be discovered be discovered is Olbia  in Sardinia beautiful beaches and great sailing.