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The people of Scotland are known as Scots or Scottish and consider themselves as Gaelic. Scotland is one of the four countries which make up the United Kingdom.  It covers the whole of the northern part of the island of Great Britain.  It also shares a common border with England to the south but is otherwise surrounded by sea. Scotland consists of nearly 800 islands which include the Northern Isles and the Scottish Hebrides.

An independent sovereign state

England became an independent sovereign state during the Early Middle Ages, ruled by a King or Queen. Through his inheritance of the English Crown, James VI, King of Scots, became King of England in the 1600s. Consequently, this formed a  “personal union” between the two countries. Scotland then entered a political union with England on 1 May 1707 to form part of the Kingdom of Great Britain. This union already included Wales.    Significantly, this had the effect of creating an entirely new Parliament in Great Britain. This replaced both the Scottish and English Parliament. Great Britain united with Ireland’s Kingdom to form the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland in 1801.

However, the union is not without complication. Firstly, Scotland has kept a separate legal system from England, Wales and Northern Ireland.  Secondly, the Scottish pound has the same value as the English pound sterling but has a different format.

Below you will find a list of some of the most interesting places to visit in Scotland:

Links to pages with further information to be provided shortly (current website build).

Inverkip – West coast and famous for reported Witches in the 1600s!

Glasgow – third biggest town in the United Kingdom, on the River Clyde

The River Clyde – flows into the Firth of Clyde, famous for Shipbuilding since the Roman Empire.

Loch Lomond in The Trossachs National Park  – the largest stretch of inland water in the United Kingdom (by surface area)

The Highland’s – includes the highest mountain in the UK, Ben Nevis.

Lock Ness – known for its famous monster!

Edinburgh – Edinburgh Castle and Authur’s Peak being two of the most famous landmarks.

Isle of Skye – the largest Island in the Scottish Hebrides, popular with tourists for its dramatic landscapes, wildlife and flora

Mull of Kintyre – the southwestern tip of the peninsula of Kintyre.  Immortalised in Paul McCartney’s hit song in 1977