Mediterranean Yacht Charter Holiday

Mediterranean Yacht Charter

We are almost ready to launch our service offering Mediterranean Yacht Charter Holiday Website. Soon we will be adding the ability to book a holiday deal on the site. For the next month, we are happy to help you plan your next holiday while we finish the detail on the site.

Not just a comparison site

It is true we are connected live to hundreds of competing Mediterranean Yacht Charter Holiday Companies. They are all looking to offer great service and a special deal. You can compare prices on our site easily and decide which company to book a holiday with. The principle of offering holidays on a comparison site is not unique but we believe that our site offers much more than price comparison. On each of our pages, you can find information about local history and on most pages, we have linked to either a bloggers video holiday or drone footage of the particular area.


With over twenty-five years of experience in the Marine industry our company director, Rob Woodward knows a lot about sailing. As an ex UK based Yacht-Master Instructor  Rob says ” Selecting the correct location for your first family charter is very important. Our site is created so that families can research and get valuable local holiday information easily. It’s taken us more than two years to populate the site, this will be an ongoing job. If you have holiday experiences (Good and Bad) video, blogs please let us know. We will review each item submitted and post them on the site if we believe they will help our clients”.

Happy Holiday hunting

European Yacht Charters Team at Network Yacht Brokers Barcelona

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