Long-distance Charter

How far can we sail on a Charter holiday?

Look through the special offers pages, and you will find deals for long-distance charter sailing. Often Yacht Charter companies offer special offers when boats need to be brought back to base.

Enquiries come from earn sea miles.

We get enquiries from clients who want to take have a long-distance charter or have a yacht for an entire summer. The reality is that this is not something anyone would consider regularly. Even a modest Yacht is going to cost more the £20,000.00 for a summer.

The Caribean

At the point of wanting to spend extended periods on a Yacht, it is time to
think about buying your own yacht or investing in  Charter Yacht Ownership.

Some people want to stay local.

A typical charter yacht holiday will vary between customers. Some customers like to sail daily from port to port, with some staying in a favourite location for

Most of a week. There is nothing wrong with chartering a yacht and simply
pottering around the corner into a private anchorage to swim and bathe all week. It is advantageous to travel fifty miles in a week, taking time to enjoy getting to know an area in detail.

Putting to one side long term or long distance charter, our advice is to spend about half the time you have a yacht on charter ashore. It breaks up the holiday well, and it’s likely your crew will appreciate a little freedom from the water.

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European Yacht Charters is a platform created to advertise charter holidays on a global scale. We do not charge a booking fee for our service. holidays are booked through independent companies. Terms and conditions vary.

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What’s included in a Yacht Charter

What is included in a Yacht Charter?

Perhaps a better way of looking at this question is to pose it another way.

What’s is not included?

beer on a boat

In almost all cases, if you book a flotilla or bareboat, charter transport, food, end of charter cleaning, and holiday consumables will not be included.

An irritating fact of life is the way some charter companies add the mandatory package. This list of items is not included in the base price but must be added to the expected overall cost.

cleaningCharter companies say this mandatory additional list of items varies depending on how many people are on the charter or, perhaps more importantly, if you are booking via a group or flotilla.

When you select a holiday charter, the final price should be clear and detailed. Don’t be afraid to question prices. We will always communicate and negotiate on your behalf with the Charter company before a final booking is made.

Included in a Yacht Charter?

Charters generally include:

          • Berthing in the home port Marina
          • Yachts should be fully insured. This includes components (subject to deposit risk)
          • Tender with an outboard engine is often included with a Yacht but
          • berthDo check the details.
          • One set of bed linen and towels with spare. Charter companies do generally not supply beach towels.


Personal insurance will not be included in your holiday charter.


You must spend a little time looking at personal insurance, especially if you invite friends and family along on a Yacht Charter Holiday.

This is where you need to question the need for a skipper (even if you are reasonably experienced). Even if you have some experience, perhaps it’s a tough call to think of a local skipper.


One option will be to book a skipper for the first few days. Get some local knowledge and relax. If you are happy with the boat and you all feel like taking the next step, let him go.

We will be more than happy to put a 50/50 skipper proposal to a Charter company.

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Split Croatia Mediterranean

Split Mediterranean

Some of the best Youtube videos we found about Split is featured in our article below with links to pages on our site.

Charter a Yacht from Split in the Mediterranean and you should plan to spend as much time exploring the local area by land as you do sailing. Beaches in Split are beautiful and a major attraction in the area. The historic architecture is fabulous despite much restoration work due to recent troubles. Split is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean.

Croatian Climate

The Croatian weather is typically the Mediterranean, meaning dry, warm summers and reasonably mild winters. With 2,600 hours of expected sunlight yearly, Croatia has one of the sunniest coastlines in Europe. From May things get warm with temperatures of 30°C during July/August, dropping to around 23°C in September & October.

The prevailing wind in Croatia is from north-westerly, with average winds of less than10 knots. Generally, winds increase in the day up to 20 knots making sailing some exhilarating sailing! Keep a lookout for the ‘Bora’ –  a northeasterly that can surprise you, so check your forecasts regularly.

Sailing Kiwi

“Day 1 we tack from Slano to Korcula for over 11 hours, and we enjoy the challenge of mixed wind. We love being on the water, so no complaints here! We anchor in Korcula at Racisce, and it’s nice to get some rest after a long day on the water.

Day 2 is a 50 nm sail from Korcula to Brac. We begin the day early and experience 30-knot winds for a couple of hours before it settles to 20 knots and with a mild sea state the sailing conditions are excellent. Originally I want to stop at Hvar or the Pakleni Islands however the anchorages are crowded. We decide on Uvala Smka, an anchorage on Brac Island with an old submarine garage which is perfect for the night.

Day 3 is a 20nm sail from Brac to Split. Like the day before we are fortunate to experience great winds, blowing between 20 and 25 knots. The reason we are in such a rush is that there are no winds predicted in the following 4 days and we are meeting Trace’s brother Jason, so we are eager to get there. There are few anchorages in Split but find a great spot off Luka Poljud which is a 10-minute walk to the old town, PERFECT!”

Split Croatia Mediterranean

Yacht Charter Managment

Dubrovnik Croatia Mediterranean

Dubrovnic Mediterranean.

Visit the Mediterranean and Croatia you must go to  Dubrovnic it has lots of history to share, compared with some ancient coastal cities, only a few stand out as much as Dubrovnik. Known as “the Pearl of the Adriatic”. Dubrovnik, Croatia in the Mediterranean, is considered by many to be one of the best-preserved medieval walled cities on Earth. Croatia in the Mediterranean offers ideal weather for those new to coastal sailing, with gentle winds and fair sailing. You will spend many pleasant hours on the deck.

Dubrovnik’s historic castle fortifications are surrounded by picturesque white stone buildings that are a delight. Terracotta roofs stand out against the rich azure blue of the Adriatic in the background. Mediterranean life has not changed in this place for thousands of years. This is a fascinating town suffering damage during the war. Dubrovnic is now restored to its former glory.

Game of Thrones in Dubrovnic.

Climate & Weather in Croatia – Coast.

The Croatian coast has a typically Mediterranean climate, hot, dry, sunny weather during summer, mild and wet in the winter.
Average temperatures in summer are expected in the mid-to-high 20s.
Winters are considerably cooler, although temperatures never really drop below 5°C/41°F. Anything colder than 5 deg C. is considered freak weather, though technically not impossible. There has been snow in Dalmatia, such as Zadar and Split, in the last decade. Dubrovnik Croatia Mediterranean weather is typical.

Mediterranean winters suffer regular storms (one to three per month on average). Fortunately, the weather varies a lot between countries. A good example of this variation exists in mainland Spain. The mainland of Spain is mild and sunny, while the Ionian Islands of Greece (not so far away) are wet and cold. The Mediterranean low season typically runs between October and April.

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Mediterranean Yacht Charter Holiday

Mediterranean Yacht Charter

We are ready to launch our service offering the Mediterranean Yacht Charter Holiday Website. We have added the ability to book a holiday deal on the site. European Yacht Charters website is fully functional. Enjoy browsing many countries on our worldwide site, send an enquiry and let us do the work. We do not charge a booking fee.

Not just a comparison site

We are connected live to hundreds of competing Mediterranean Yacht Charter Holiday Companies. They are all looking to offer great service and a special deal. You can compare prices on our site easily and decide which company to book a holiday with. The principle of offering holidays on a comparison site is not unique, but we believe that our site offers much more than price comparison. On each of our pages, you can find information about local history. We have linked either a bloggers video holiday or drone footage of the particular area on most pages.


With over twenty-five years of experience in the Marine industry, our company director, Rob Woodward, knows a lot about sailing. As an ex UK based Yacht-Master Instructor, Rob says, ” Selecting the correct location for your first family charter is very important. Our site is created so that families can research and get valuable local holiday information easily. It’s taken us more than two years to populate the site, which will be an ongoing job. If you have holiday experiences (Good and Bad) video, blogs, please let us know. We will review each item submitted and post them on the site if we believe they will help our clients”.

Happy Holiday hunting

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